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What’s the Difference Between Long-Term Parking and Short-Term Parking?

Long-term and short-term parking options can be confusing, but there are two main differences. The duration of your parking needs as well as the location of your spot will dictate which category you will need.

Long-Term Parking

You may find yourself in need of long-term parking when traveling out of town for an extended period of time, usually more than a week. This is the most cost-effective solution when you compare it to the daily costs of short-term parking options. The lots for long-term parking areas are typically located further from the main hub of the airport, bringing longer walking distances and times to the mix. But if you hire DTW airport parking valets with shuttle service, these times can be drastically reduced.

Most large airports offer long-term parking, and Detroit Metro Airport is no exception. You should always reserve your spot well in advance so you don’t have to hassle with finding a long-term parking spot in a congested lot at the last minute.

Short-Term Parking

If you will be traveling for a week or less, short-term parking is the best option for you. The lots are generally located closer to the airport since passengers are in and out of them frequently throughout the day. Short-term rates may cost you a bit more than long-term rates due to the shorter time span and convenient location.

Short-term parking is also an ideal option for people who are picking up and dropping off other passengers. You can pay a low rate whether you need the lot for 20 minutes or a few hours. These costs are calculated on a per-hour or per-day basis, depending on the airport. Planning to park your car in short-term parking for more than 24 hours? Book your spot in advance.

While long-term parking is generally a more cost-effective solution compared with short-term parking, you will have to make a decision based on your unique travel needs. Make sure you visit the airport website ahead of time to learn rates, and book your valet service sooner rather than later to get the best rates. Familiarize yourself with time restrictions, lot locations, and availability of spaces at the times you need to travel. Planning everything in advance will ensure a stress-free process on the day of travel.

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