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DTW Valet entering into car.From quick valet service to car washes and detailing, choose us!

Valet Connections is your destination at the busy Metro Detroit Airport that offers you an affordable, convenient solution for DTW valet services. Our valets are kind, friendly and quick, offering the kind of DTW valet services you deserve. In addition to convenient pickups and drop-offs, we offer add-on services such as details, car washes, full details and oil changes.

Our DTW valet team is happy to go above and beyond to address all your vehicle needs, not just parking. When you’re back from your trip, whether for business or pleasure, your vehicle will be ready and waiting for your arrival. We offer free DTW valet shuttle service, but wait, there’s more! Here are our add-on DTW valet services:

  • Oil and filter changes
  • Full details
  • Exterior vehicle washes
  • Full-service car washes
  • Exterior details

Whether you are leaving your car for the long term or the short term, our responsive DTW valet service has you covered. Our DTW valet professionals are licensed and insured, plus they’re respectful, knowledgeable and friendly. And with protection 24×7 from CCTV security systems, you get peace of mind.

Connect with Valet Connections DTW Parking at (734) 992-4946 to inquire about our DTW valet services.

Get Access to DTW Valet Services With Our App!

Valet Connections DTW Parking now offers all the services you have grown to love right on our new app for Apple and Android phones. With premium DTW valet services at your fingertips,  you can gain real-time access to information about dropoff and pickup and so much more. You can even sign up for an account on our app.

With our DTW valet app, you can view:

  • Shuttle map
  • Your account
  • Reservation history
  • Our phone and email to get in touch
  • All the DTW valet services we offer

FPP: Frequent Parking Program for DTW Valet Services

Loyalty will get you rewarded! For our most frequent customers, we offer enrollment in our Frequent Parking Program, which puts you in touch with discounted rates not seen by the general public. Every time you use our service, you will accrue reward points that you can redeem later for your next reservation. Our DTW valet professionals guarantee fast shuttle service and pickups indoors for your convenience.

Contact Valet Connections for DTW Valet Services

Learn more about Valet Connections DTW Parking by ringing us at (734) 992-4946 and asking about our DTW valet services.