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How to Choose a Reputable Valet Parking Company

How to Choose a Reputable Valet Parking Company

How to Choose a Reputable Valet Parking Company

When it comes to valet parking, you want a company that can provide timely, efficient, professional and friendly services every time. That’s why you should really do your homework before choosing the right valet parking company at the DTW airport. It’s overwhelming to make the right choice on which valet parking company to hire, but it just takes a little research and a couple of phone calls to get peace of mind.

Four Main Factors to Consider

When considering which valet parking company to choose, keep these four factors in mind:

  • Professionalism
  • Insurance
  • References
  • Reliability


Professionalism at all times is very important, and it doesn’t just involve being impeccably dressed and neat, although that is necessary too. Professionalism also has to do with courteous nature, prompt attention to detail, and respect for your time. You want someone who will greet you appropriately, treat you like you’re their only client at the moment, and be on their best behavior when interacting with you and caring for your vehicle.

What you don’t want is someone who is late to deliver your car after a long flight, or someone who parks your car haphazardly.

This doesn’t just involve the valets who will be picking you up and dropping you off. It also extends to the front office staff. They should be neat in appearance, and cordial when you call or visit.


Any valet parking company worth its salt will not only have the appropriate insurance, but be up to date on it as well. This insurance is in place to protect you if your car has been damaged in some way. Backed by insurance, the company can properly compensate you for that damage so you don’t have to worry about paying out of pocket.

References and Reviews

Ask the company you are considering for references. Call those references and ask about the quality of service they received. Don’t forget to check out Google reviews and social media reviews on the company to see what past customers are saying about them. Check testimonials on their website, too. All of these things lend credibility to the company and can give you a good idea of their reputation.


Experience has a lot to do with ensuring reliability. If a company has been in business for many years in the same location, you can be relatively assured that they have been successful in satisfying their customers. Look for character traits such as courteous attention, prompt services, strong conflict resolution skills, and efficiency and task management skills.

Sometimes you can only find out these things by using the service first. Experiencing the event first hand will let you know if the company is reliable, and whether you will use them again and refer them to friends.

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When you choose Valet Connections for efficient DTW airport parking, you are making a wise decision, one you will not regret. To learn more about our rates and services, call us at (734) 992-4946.

How to Get to the Airport on Time

Man Looking at Watch at Airport on Time

How to Get to the Airport on Time

Facing an upcoming trip can put anyone into a tizzy, even seasoned business travelers. Most of that stress comes from worrying about making it to the airport on time. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, missing your flight is the last thing you want to do. So, how can you make sure you make it there on time, every time? From valet parking to online check-in, here are some travel hacks to reduce your stress.

1.    Hire a Chauffeur

Driving yourself to the airport may seem like a quick way to save a buck, but may actually end up costing you a lot more than money. Hire a car service or limo to pick you up at home or the office at a pre-determined time. Then let them take care of the rest so you can relax on the way to the airport. You get peace of mind knowing they will show up on time, and navigate all the traffic so you don’t have to pull your hair out.

2.    Pack Early

Don’t leave packing for the morning of your trip, or even the night before. This is a surefire way to be late, as you’re throwing clothing in your luggage at the last minute. Start packing the preliminary items a few days before, saving only the essentials like phone chargers and toothbrushes for the night or morning before. Having your bags packed and ready at the door is a huge time saver.

3.     Clear Your Schedule

If your fight is in the late afternoon or evening, don’t schedule anything for earlier in the day if you can help it. Consider it a travel day and leave your schedule open so you can concentrate on tying up loose ends and gathering last minute documents before you head to the airport. If you schedule yourself right up till the time you have to leave, you’ll just add to your stress level and increase the chances of getting tied up.

4.     Check In Online

Most airlines allow you to check in online within 24 hours of your flight. You can even print out your boarding pass while at home so you don’t have to stand in line once at the airport. If you are unable to print at home, head to a check-in kiosk instead of standing in that long line.

5.     Don’t Check Luggage

Obviously, you can’t bypass luggage if you’re taking off with the family on a two-week trip to Disney World. But if you’re traveling light, such as on a business trip, and are only staying a couple of days, save yourself a lot of time and don’t bring luggage that you have to check.  This makes packing a breeze, to be sure, plus it ensures you can zip on and off the flight quickly and easily.

Understand Parking Options

Most larger airports like DTW offer many parking options. You could park close to the terminal but you will pay more. Or, you could park far away and pay less but this will take more time because you have to take a shuttle. Knowing your parking options beforehand will help you arrive to the gate on time.

Or, you could take the smart route and choose valet parking from Valet Connections DTW Parking, where you can secure your parking space ahead of time – spaces that are extremely limited during peak travel times. Plus, we offer free shuttles 24/7 that run every five to 10 minutes so you never have to wait to get to your flight! You can also use our free app to manage your reservations and save even more time.

Learn more when you contact us at 734-992-4946.

6 Tips for Stress-Free Airport Parking

6 Tips for Stress-Free Airport Parking

6 Tips for Stress-Free Airport Parking

Whether you travel often for work or sporadically for family vacations, there’s no denying the stress that comes with parking at the airport. Perhaps it’s the chaos of it all, the uncertainty of where you’re going, the time crunch or a combination of the three. Whatever the case, DTW airport parking doesn’t have to be stressful.

From valet parking to booking early, you can beat pre-flight anxiety by heeding these stress-free airport parking tips.

1.    Book Early

Parking options at any airport tend to book up quickly, particularly during peak travel times. Many parking lots and garages will increase their prices as they fill up, following the simple concept of supply and demand. You can save up to 40 percent when you book your parking a few weeks or a month in advance. Booking early gives you access to the best deals, discounts and spots.

2.    Use Technology

You can also save time by taking advantage of technology. For instance, Valet Connections DTW Parking has an app that gives you immediate access to the information you need about parking at Detroit Metro Airport. View availability, get contact info to schedule service, view your reservation history and find a shuttle on the map. Plus, every time you book with us, you earn points to use toward a future reservation.

3.    Compare Prices

Do your homework when it comes to comparing all your available parking and valet options so you can select the best value. Off-site parking lots may be the cheapest, but they are inconvenient and time consuming. Valet parking will cost you a little more, but you’ll always be guaranteed a spot, with convenient pickup and dropoff. Weigh all the benefits and drawbacks of each options. The cheapest isn’t always the best!

4.    Choose an Experienced, Reputable Company

Working with a valet parking company with a solid reputation can save you a lot of headache and hassle. There are many companies that will try to scam you with untrustworthy practices and hidden fees. When partnering with a reputable service, you can be rest assured your car will be in the same or better condition as when you left it.

5.    Opt for Extra Services

If you’re traveling a lot for business, chances are great that you are a very busy person. You don’t have time to baby your car with a car wash, or even perform general maintenance such as oil changes. It’s worth the extra money to pay a valet parking company to wash and detail your car so it looks like new when you pick it up. This can all be done while you’re away, so that when you return, your stress level doesn’t skyrocket when you think about all the car maintenance you’re not able to do yourself.

6.    Go With the Safest Option

Safety concerns are a big consideration when parking at the airport. Parking your vehicle in a remote lot for a week doesn’t give you assurances that it won’t be stolen or broken into. Choose a service that offers 24-hour surveillance, vehicle inspection, safety fences and barriers, and personalized attention.

Contact Valet Connections DTW Parking

Of course, the best way to ensure stress-free DTW airport parking is to hire us! Contact us at (734) 992-4946 to book service or learn about our app.

6 Air Travel Tips

6 Air Travel Tips

If you find yourself at the airport a lot, whether for business or pleasure, you know how harrowing and frustrating an experience it can be. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a hassle-free time at the airport so you don’t feel rushed or uncomfortable in any way? From valet parking to checking in ahead of time, you can save yourself some time and stress with these six air travel tips.

1.    Check in Beforehand

Many airlines allow you to check in from the comfort of your home via computer, phone or tablet up to 24 hours ahead of your scheduled flight. Take advantage of this. You can earn bonus miles, choose your preferred seat, and qualify for early boarding.

2.    Measure and Weigh Your Carry-On at Home

Most airlines have strict carry-on requirements. Always confirm space allotments beforehand, and measure and weigh before you go. Nobody wants to be stuck behind the guy at the check-in counter who has to take stuff out of the carry-on to make the weight requirement. Save time and do it at home.

3.    Confirm Flight Times Before You Leave

Before heading off to the airport, check the flight arrival and departure times from your computer at home. It’s common for flights to change at the last minute, which leads to delays. Don’t get stuck at the airport for longer than you have to. Confirm arrivals and departures right up till the time you step out of the house.

4.  Download E-books, Music and Movies Early

It’s no secret that wi-fi on board a plane can be spotty at best. It can also be quite expensive. If you’ll be traveling with a computer, tablet or e-reader, download your favorite books, movies, TV shows, tunes and podcasts at home first.

5.    Dress in Layers

Even if you know the weather beforehand, dress in layers. Airports and airplanes are known for their temperature extremes, so be prepared to peel off some layers or add some as needed.

6.    Go For the Valet Parking

Anyone who has ever had to park at an airport, especially the busy Detroit Metro Airport during peak times, knows what a nightmare it can be to locate a good parking spot. Then, even if you’ve managed to find a spot, you still have to schlep all your luggage to the right gate. During the bitter cold of winter or the sweltering days of summer, this can be an added challenge that puts a damper on your travel plans. Splurge the little bit extra for valet parking. Let experienced, licensed and insured drivers park your car in a safe spot, protected from the elements, and even give it a wash or detail if you so choose.

Contact Valet Connections

The best way to ensure you have a stress-free airport experience is to hire us for DTW airport parking, with free shuttle service every five to 10 minutes! Contact us at (734) 992-4946 to learn more, book service or find out about our convenient new app.