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4 Benefits of Carpooling to the Airport

4 Benefits of Carpooling to the Airport

If you’re going on a trip in the near future with many other people in your party, you may be wondering what the most convenient way to get to the airport and park will be. Whether you’re traveling with a group from work or a few other families for a trip to Disney, you understandably want to stick together and not get separated – especially at the busy Detroit airport.

This is one of the reasons why carpooling to the airport makes sense. Once you’re there, you can conveniently park one, two or more cars depending on how many people are in your party, and proceed to the airport as one group. Check out these five benefits of carpooling to the airport.


1.  Saves You Money

Reduce the cost of gas and parking, while reducing your fuel use as well, which is good for the environment.  The more people you can fit in one car, the better. This socially economical way of commuting to the airport will help lower the overall costs we pay towards road maintenance, construction of new roads, and air pollution-related health costs.

2. Saves the Environment

With fewer cars clogging the roadways, the amount of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions is reduced, leading to better outdoor air quality. Less traffic = less stress when driving, which improves everyone’s mental well-being and health.

3. Improves Your Health

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, motor vehicles are a top source of air pollutants that impact human health. That’s because vehicle emissions form ground level ozone, also known as smog, which triggers health problems such as reduced lung capacity, aggravated asthma, and increased chance of respiratory illnesses, including bronchitis and pneumonia.

Carpooling is also good for your mental health, too, as studies show that sharing rides reduces stress as compared with traveling alone.

4.  Is Convenient

If you’re traveling with a few other families or co-workers who are all going to the same destination, you’re adding convenience to the trip with less stress and more companionship. You can use this time together to further plan out your itinerary and come up with a plan once at the airport. Waiting till you all gather there in separate cars can waste time, contribute to stress and perhaps cause you to miss your flight.

In addition, by carpooling for a trip to the airport, you can leave when it’s most convenient for your group, and all arrive at the same time so you can stick to a schedule.

If you’re concerned about finding parking, consider hiring a professional for your airport parking needs, whether you want valet service or on-site shuttle service to the Metro Detroit Airport.

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